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SMS Notifications

Currently this service is only available in the United States.

What is SMS?

SMS stand for Short Message Service, it is commonly known as text messaging. The GE Updater uses SMS technology to send you prompt alerts and notifications about the items you care about. Pretty much every phone is capable of receiving and sending text messages, although service providers charge for such messages (usually around $0.20) unless you have a messaging plan which highly suggested for using this feature.

Setting it Up

First you input your mobile phone number into the Zeep Mobile box under Settings on the home page and click "Sign Up!"

Zeep Mobile Phone Input
Inputting your phone number

Shortly after you will receive a confirmation text from 88147. Replay YES to this number and your phone will be linked to your GE Updater account and you will begin receiving notifications on your phone.

Zeep Mobile Confirmation
Confirmation Text

SMS Price Checking

The GE Updater SMS system allows you to check item prices directly from your phone. After linking your phone number to your account (see above), simply text the name of the item you wish to check, preceded by the keyword GEUpdate to 88147. You will receive a reply with the current price.
Note: No abbreviated item names will be accepted. Only the full RS item name is recognized at this time.

Price Check
Confirmation Text

Turning Off SMS Notifications

At any time if you wish to no longer receive notifications via SMS, simply text STOP to 88147. Your account will automatically be unlinked and no more messages will be sent to your phone. If you wish to get SMS notifications again you must repeat the above instructions.

Further Help

For further assistance with using SMS Notifications, please visit Zeep Mobile Help.