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Grand Exchange Updater

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RuneScape Merchanting

Using the Grand Exchange

Merchanting can be a difficult task for some, and for others it’s a piece of cake. Merchanting has the potential for great rewards, but without proper training will surely end up in terrible losses. The Grand Exchange Updater (GEUpdater) aims to provide help for both rookie and veteran merchants alike.

Merchanting in RuneScape is fairly similar to trading in the stock market. It’s all about watching graphs and predicting outcomes. Like stocks, not every item is good for merchanting, The GEUpdater provides a list of potential items that would be good to merch. Of course, computers are dumb and don’t get everything 100%, so don’t think that since it’s in the list it’s good to merch. Merchanting requires some human intuition. The key to merchanting is watching the price fluctuations which the GEUpdater provides in convenient graphical representation. If you see an item’s graph travel higher and lower and somewhat regular intervals, then that item might be good to merchant.

The Price Graph for Torag's Helm
The Price Graph for Torag's Helm

For example: taking Torag’s Helm, we can see the price travel up and down. The trick is to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high, but you can’t wait too long or else you may buy too high or sell too low and end up losing gold. The graph has added horizontal lines denoting good times to buy and sell; notice that at the current price would be a good time to sell, if bought around a week earlier. Using the GEUpdater, you can set up alerts on items you want to merchant and know exactly when they start to crash and when they boom.

In order to start using the GEUpdater to help merchant, please read how to watch an item.