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Calculator Help

This feature relies heavily on HTML5 and requires a modern browser such as Firefox 4 or Google Chrome 12.

About the Calculator

The Profit / Loss Calculator enables you to calculate how much you will gain or lose from buying and selling items. You can use the calculator to maximize profit, to calculate how much training will cost, or anything you can think of.

Adding Items

To add items to the calculator begin typing the name of the item you want in the box under “Add Item”. A box will appear with items, find the item you are looking for in the list and click on it. The chosen item will appear under “Buying”.

Adding an Item
Adding an Item to the Calculator

After the item appears in the “Buying” section you can modify the quantity, or move it over to “Selling” by simply dragging and dropping to the other side. Similarly, if you no longer want that item in the calculations, you can move the item to the discard section.

Moving an Item
Moving an Item to the Selling Side

Add as many items as you like, the calculations are automatic. If you wish to start over, you can press the “Clear” button to move all the current items into the discard section.


There is an overall multiplier field at the top which applies to the overall calculation. For example, if you wish to find out how much crafting 5000 Green D'hide Bodies will cost. You can simply put 3 into the quantity field for Green Dragon Leather and then put 5000 in the “Overall Multiplier” field and you are set.

Other Costs

The Profit / Loss Calculator allows for adding in non-tradeable items or other costly services; for example, the Blast Fusion Hammer used in creating the Dragon Platebody. To add additional costs (or losses) simply type in a price under “Add Other Costs” in the Cost field and then press the “Add” button. Additionally, you can add a descriptive title in the Title field; otherwise the cost will be labeled “Other”.

Other Costs
Adding the cost of the Blast Fusion Hammer

The other costs work in the same way as normal items.


There are a few presets in the calculator for easy calculations. Simply click on one and the saved calculation will be loaded.

If you would like to add presets please use the contact form describing the items you wish to have in the preset. It will be considered.

Sharing and Saving

To save your calculations you must be logged in, and then press the “Save” button. A prompt will ask for the title you wish to give the calculation and then it will be saved.

To generate a URL that can be used to share your calculations or to save for later simply click the “Generate URL” button and copy the URL from the text field and paste wherever.